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SEC Power Rankings Week 4

Tough times for Auburn.

Penn State v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

With three weeks down, the contenders are starting to separate themselves from the pretenders, but don’t assume too much because it’s still very early.

Our #1 and #2 Georgia-Bama duo (who I think have always been #1 and #2 the entire history of these rankings) dominated once again, and Auburn has officially moved into the basement of these rankings with a horrible grade confirming the low spot they held until being tested by a major opponent. It’s going to be hard to make up for that disastrous performance at home, but the SEC West is full of opportunities like no other conference division.

They’ve played the games and the grades are in—here are your SEC Power Rankings before Week 4:

1. Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia gave up their first touchdown of the season, but completely took the playing on the road disadvantage away by completely squashing the Gamecocks from start to finish in a noon game. If this was at night it probably would’ve taken them longer—noon games help dominant teams like the Dawgs when travelling. Grade: A+

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Not to be outdone, the Crimson Tide beat their team by 15 more points than Georgia while still just giving up a lone touchdown to UL Monroe. Full marks for both victories—I mean what more can you do than 63-7?. Grade: A+

3. Kentucky Wildcats

Our #3 Kentucky Wildcats got high marks last Saturday with the score that will almost always get you an ‘A+’ in these rankings: a shutout. College football teams are at least 1000000-0 when not giving up any points in the game—mostly because it’s impossible to win without at least two (safety!) points. So regardless of offense, if you shut out a team you guaranteed the win. Full credit. Grade: A+

4. Tennessee Volunteers

We have a change in the #4 spot, as the Vols continue to rise with a scary combination of great offense and great defense that is steamrolling lesser competition Alabama and Georgia-style. They’ve already beaten one ranked team so far—will they do it again with Florida this Saturday? Grade: A+

5. Arkansas Razorbacks

A win’s a win, but poor play against the FCS will bump you down if you aren’t careful. Missouri State definitely didn’t have any business coming as close as they did, but if the reason was because the Hogs are laser-focused on beating Texas A&M this weekend, then that’s understandable. Grade: C-

6. Ole Miss

The Rebels seem to be doing just fine without Matt far. Once we run out of bad nonconference foes we’ll see what this squad is really made of. From the way they’ve dominated early on, it seems like they’re made of pretty stern stuff, though. Grade: A+

7. LSU Tigers

A five spot jump! The Tigers started these rankings in last as they were the only 0-1 team after Week 1 but now have planted themselves firmly in the middle of the pack with two straight victories—the latter being a home win over Mississippi State. Death Valley will never be an easy place to play. Grade: A

8. Vanderbilt Commodores

A road win for the now 3-1 Commodores, who are now ranked higher than they ever have been before in any power rankings in the history of history! Even in video games Vandy can’t start 3-1 I bet—you have to use special codes or something. Anybody think they’ll hit 4-1? All they need to do is just win next Alabama. Grade: A

9. Mississippi State

Took a road loss but are playing well. This team will be dangerous. Grade: B

10. Texas A&M

Boy did the Aggies need that bounce-back. Though if you ask me beating Miami in College Station should be easier than beating App State in College Station any day. I mean have you seen Miami football the last few years? Grade: B+

11. Florida Gators

Eww. This team is starting to look not so different than the Dan Mullen train wreck that limped to 6-7 last season. But they did win, and Tennessee better not be caught snoozing. Grade: D

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

Ugh, that was pitiful. I know it’s Georgia but you were at home and should’ve been able to put up something of a fight. I think you could’ve made it 34-13 or something, or at least only been down like ten at half. Grade: F

13. Auburn Tigers

Welp, look’s like we’re keeping you at 13th. Grade: F

14. Missouri Tigers

Battle to avoid last place next week on The Plains! 12 pm eastern time—don’t miss it! Grade: C