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Big Blue Madness 2022 and campout dates revealed

The campout is back!

UK Athletics

The Big Blue Madness campout is back!

On Tuesday, Ryan Lemond broke the news that the fan favorite campout is scheduled for Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd.

Since then, UK has confirmed the return of the campout while also revealing Big Blue Madness 2022 will happen on October 14th.

Back in July, John Calipari took to Twitter to announce that the campout would be returning and that it is unacceptable to not have the annual campout.

“It is unacceptable to not have a campout. It is part of what makes UK Basketball special. We have some great ideas on how, where and when that will make it tremendous. Unless there is some sort of road block, campout will return!”

In an appearance on BBN Tonight, Calipari talked about BBM and how it is something that needs to be talked about for a month.

“Madness, you gotta be talking about Madness for a month or we didn’t do our job. It’s unacceptable. The campout, you gotta have the campout,” Calipari said on an appearance on BBN Tonight. “In basketball, one player can help you win a national title. It’s not football. Football is the cavalry. One player. So, everything you do has to be geared toward not losing that guy because theirs is so much better.”

Mark your calendars for the beginning of October for the return of the Big Blue Madness campout.