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Mark Stoops and John Calipari have moved on from issue

It sounds like Stoops and Calipari have put their issue behind them.

Matt Goins - LHL

After their recent back-and-forth that had national media talking, it sounds like Mark Stoops and John Calipari have put the issue behind them.

The issue started when Calipari was pushing for a new practice facility and referred to Kentucky as a “basketball school.”

Stoops addressed the comments in a tweet, and then continued those comments the next day in a press conference.

“I’m done. I’ve addressed it. I will defend my players,” Stoops said. “I don’t care about anyone’s program; I stay in my lane. But when you start talking about mine, and people I compete against, I’m going to defend my players. Don’t demean and distract from what we’ve done to get to this point ... This program wasn’t born on third base.”

Calipari tweeted an apology and acknowledged that he messed up. Then in an interview with Keith Farmer of LEX-18, Calipari continued to say he messed up.

“I said the wrong thing,” Calipari said. “Mark and I will be fine. We’ll get back and talk about it. I’m not real smart. Sometimes it doesn’t come out the right way. That’s my Italian in me. But we’ll be fine.”

On Monday, Stoops had his first weekly radio show of the new season where he addressed the previous issue.

“There is no issue at all,” Stoops said. “I don’t think either of us have really spent much more time worrying about that or thinking about that. I want nothing but the best for him and all of our programs. I know he feels the same way. We moved on in about two minutes.”

Hopefully this issue is completely resolved, because the last thing UK needs is the football and basketball coaches being against each other in what should be a special year for both programs.