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Close ties may give Kentucky an edge with Tre Johnson

Johnson is one of the best shooters in the 2024 class.

Tre Johnson Instagram/Tre Johnson

This summer, John Calipari has been noticeably rejuvenated and adapted his recruiting strategy by expressing interest sooner. One of the recruits that Kentucky has placed a priority on in the 2024 class is Tre Johnson.

Standing 6-foot-5, 180-pounds, Johnson is ranked as a top-three recruit and is arguably the best shooter in the class. However, Johnson didn’t rely solely on his perimeter shooting, as he is also comfortable utilizing his mid-range game.

With the shooting skills that Johnson possesses and the value that is placed on shooting in today’s style of basketball, it’s no secret why he is such a coveted recruit, holding offers from the Baylor Bears, Arkansas Razorbacks, Kansas Jayhawks, and the Kentucky Wildcats among others.

Of the schools interested, Kentucky may be a step ahead due to two key connections, K.T. Turner and Tyrese Maxey.

Turner, the newest UK assistant, comes in being known for his recruiting and player development, but also for his ties to the state of Texas, where Johnson is from.

Interestingly, Turner doesn’t just have major ties to the state of Texas, but also to the Johnson family themselves.

In fact, Richard Johnson, Tre’s father, told the Lexington Herald-Leader that Turner has “always been a good friend,” after getting to know each other over the last five or six years.

“He [Turner] reaches out to Tre every other day or so,” said Richard, who even reaches out to Turner directly, citing that they are “good friends.”

Tyrese Maxey is a player that Johnson looked up to when he was younger, telling me in an interview back in May, “we are from the same place, and I just looked up to him and wanted to go where he went”.

Looking at it from a larger scope, Kentucky’s ties to Johnson and his family would certainly suggest they are in a good position, and they are looking to take a visit soon.

“We haven’t scheduled a date yet,” Richard Johnson said. “But that’s something we’re looking forward to doing probably before the season.”

Regardless of where he chooses, Richard Johnson says it will be his son’s decision to make.

“I will help him navigate the process and look at the pros and cons of each program. But, at the end of the day, it’s going to be what he wants.”

Be sure to read the full Herald-Leader interview here.