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Thursday Headlines: Bold Predictions for Kentucky and Mark Stoops

One CBS analyst had a bold take on Kentucky and the future of Mark Stoops.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

As we inch closer and closer to the opening of college football season, it’s the perfect time of year for the analysts and pundits to make predictions and offer their hot takes for the upcoming season.

That’s exactly what CBS Sports has done with the SEC and while there is plenty of talk about the likes of Alabama, Georgia, and others in the conference, some of the analysts had some interesting thoughts about Kentucky.

That includes this bold take from Dennis Dodd:

Dennis Dodd: Mark Stoops will win 10 at Kentucky, figure out he’s hit his ceiling in Lexington and will take the not-so-suddenly open position at Auburn.

Now granted, Dodd is probably trying to go outside the box with this bold take, but still...

Winning 10 this year is certainly on the table, and a path to 10 wins seems more plausible with this roster and this schedule than it has in some other years. Another 10-win season would be an incredible accomplishment for this Kentucky team.

But Mark Stoops to Auburn? I just don’t see it.

I won’t say never because crazier things have happened, but I think the likelihood is very low.

Auburn will likely have a job opening by the end of the season unless Bryan Harsin quickly turns things around, but I’m not losing any sleep over Stoops leaving Lexington for that job.

Check out the rest of the predictions from CBS. Kentucky gets some love as a projected second-place finish in the division and one analyst thinks the Cats are the most underrated team in the SEC.

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