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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Jesse Riffe from LEX 18 News

The Executive Producer of BBN Tonight is expecting his first child in December.

Season 2 of the Kentucky Dad Podcast kept things rolling this week with a behind-the-scenes guest that didn’t disappoint.

Jesse Riffe, Executive Producer of Lex 18’s BBN Tonight, joined the show to talk about his fast-approaching date with fatherhood.

Jesse and his wife are expecting their first child in December, so he’s a self-proclaimed sponge trying to soak up as much valuable, fatherly information as possible in the short amount of time that he has left.

The Kentucky native (you’ll hear it in his voice) found out quickly that the Dad Podcast acts more as a therapeutic venting space than it does an advice portal.

But nonetheless, we were able to have some real dialogue and I did my absolute best to set realistic expectations for Jesse as he finishes out this home stretch of a kid-free lifestyle.

Since he’s a huge football nut, we had to chat about the upcoming season and what he’s looking forward to most. Jesse wasted no time responding to that question by saying he’s charged up to see the defense that Brad White is going to put on the field this year. Jesse stated he believes it could be one of the best groups that White has had during his tenure at Kentucky.

I immediately took Jesse’s football opinion seriously when I learned that he was watching Octavious Oxendine film from last year’s LSU game.

He is ready for some Kroger Field Saturdays!

I made the joke when talking to Jesse that in the news business the producers are the real talent. Of course, he was humble, but it was great to hear him detail the day-to-day operations at the station. He also spoke highly of the outstanding partnership that he shares with not only his colleagues at Lex18 News but also the University of Kentucky.

Dad jokes to end it!

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