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John Calipari’s message to his team after promising Bahamas Tour

Cal really believes this group can be special.

Calipari. Collins. Big Blue Drew - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are back in the Bluegrass after spending a week in paradise for the Big Blue Bahamas games. After running through the competition the first three games, the Cats got a good test on Sunday against an experienced Bahamas National Team, showing the fanbase a sneak peek at what they could look like come October when things get rocky.

John Calipari also took notice, but he also enjoyed what he saw from his squad as a whole. The UK Head Coach took to Twitter on Monday to give some quick thoughts on the Cats play in Nassau.

“Just watched the tape of the last game. That team we played was an experienced, physical group. With the quick turn, I wanted to see if we had fight…and I loved what I saw. I loved that it was close and we had to pull away,” Calipari wrote. “But you know what I really loved about the week? That Oscar was our fifth-leading scorer, and he cheered like crazy. That’s what makes him special! That’s what makes this team special! They all want each other to succeed!”

Led by Antonio Reeves and Jacob Toppin, it was a great opportunity for others to shine this week as the staff looks to piece together an ideal rotation come the first game in November. Seeing Oscar cheering on those guys to make their impact goes to show that the team chemistry is taking steps in the right direction.

“My message to the players now is to not drink the poison. Don’t read the clippings. Don’t listen to the accolades of that trip. We were good, but not close to where we are going to be if they stay hungry, yet humble. My focus now is where do I take each individual player to be their best version on the court. We can already see their best versions off the court with what they are doing for the people of Kentucky. Special group!”

After an impressive week with big-time blow out wins, it is good to see Calipari looking to keep his players focused on the goal for this season... win No. 9.

Each player this week showed some impressive skills that make this team incredibly dangerous 1-10, and that’s before Ugonna Kingsley joins the team. If there is anyone that can get the best out of a player, I will take Calipari’s track record against anyones.

If the Bahamas taught us anything it is; this team will be incredibly fun to watch and competitive on both ends of the floor. The perfect storm to chase and hopefully bring another title back to Lexington.