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Kentucky vs. Bahamas National Team game thread and pregame reading

One last ride.

Sahvir Wheeler UK Athletics

The Kentucky Wildcats are set to face the Bahamas National Team in the finale of the 2022 Bahamas Tour. Game time is set for 12 pm ET on the SEC Network, and WatchESPN will carry a live online stream of the action!

Through the first three games, Kentucky has done just about everything you could hope for. The defense has been suffocating. The shooting has been blistering, especially from Antonio Reeves (10/18 from deep), Chris Livingston (5/7) and now Jacob Toppin (7/12) after his 5/6 effort Saturday.

We also can’t forget the Cats shooting 85.4% (35/41) from the charity stripe. That’s 2012 Sweet 16 vs. Indiana elite.

And good luck keeping any of these scholarship players on the bench. Coming into the Bahamas, Adou Thiero was thought to be Kentucky’s unlikeliest player to carve out a significant role this season. But based on what we’ve seen thus far, don’t be surprised if he’s earning meaningful minutes all the way into the Big Dance.

More than anything, this has been just some good old-fashioned fun. Let’s hope for 40 more minutes of it before the offseason returns.

Pregame Reading

Here’s to enjoying today’s game with y’all : )