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Saturday Headlines: Mitch Barnhart and Mark Stoops speak Edition

Mitch Barnhart and Mark Stoops are sure to address the basketball vs. football kerfuffle.

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Music City Bowl - Kentucky v Northwestern Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Good morning BBN. The fracture in the fan base is evident and there is plenty of blame to go around.

Should John Calipari have made the comments about Kentucky football? No.

Did Mark Stoops and some of the Kentucky football players make the situation worse by running to Twitter to drag down the basketball team? Yes.

I give the basketball players, past and present, a ton of credit for remaining off of social media during this fiasco. I wish the football players would have shown similar restraint.

This is the first time that there have been any hints of discord between the two coaches. They have mostly been in lockstep with one another in regard to support throughout their time together at UK.

Today at 12:30 pm ET, Mitch Barnhart will address the media and one has to think that the main topic will be the rift between basketball and football. Mark Stoops will speak afterwards in an already scheduled post practice press conference.

Hopefully, things will smooth over and we can get on with supporting both teams in the fall.

Tweets of the Day

Not a bad way to spend the week!

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