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Oscar Tshiebwe maximizing NIL opportunities on Bahamas trip

Tshiebwe is able to take advantage of more NIL opportunities in the Bahamas, and he’s using it to help others.

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Oscar Tshiebwe Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - Sea of Blue

With the Kentucky Wildcats starting their Bahamas trip with a game Wednesday night, it has been a fun whirlwind for the players since arriving in Nassau.

Oscar Tshiebwe is one player in particular who has had a hectic schedule, and Sahvir Wheeler put it quite simple for fans to hear;

“He’s getting rich.”

For Oscar, this trip is also quite literally a business trip, as his student visa restrictions on NIL do not apply outside of the US. So in between practices, meetings, and even games, the reigning National Player of the Year is taking advantage of every opportunity he has to profit from his name, image, and likeness.

Oscar had this to say when asked about the opportunities while in Nassau;

“God opened a door,” Tshiebwe said to Kyle Tucker of The Athletic. “I feel lucky, because I don’t get this often.”

He continued with this;

“I found out my mom was living in the worst situation. They lived like animals,” Tshiebwe said. “I put in the work, trusted in God, and God has changed their living situation. I’m very happy. I can take care of my mom, take care of my brothers and sisters. Now I don’t worry. I used to be like, ‘I have no money. How can I help them?’

“But now I’m not stressed about money. Now it’s time to focus on some other things. When I went back home this time, I served more than 1,000 orphans. We gave them food, played with them, visited with them. So now I’ve come back here to work so that I can do more for them, feed them, help them go to school for free, help them in a lot of different ways.”

John Calipari has also been very open about Oscar maximizing this opportunity as well.

According to Tucker in the week the team will be in the Bahamas, Oscar is looking to make $500,000.

Oscar has taken the fanbase by storm since his dominance last season, not to mention his interactions with Big Blue Nation that make the relationship grow even deeper. What a great sight it is to see him finally being able to maximize his earning potential, as well as to see how he is using it.

You can read the rest of Kyle Tuckers’ article here.