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Tuesday Headlines: Edwards adds to Kentucky’s major recruiting haul

Edwards is a centerpiece in what is shaping up to be a fantastic class.

Justin Edwards and UK Athletics

By now, I don’t need to tell you, but the Kentucky Wildcats landing Justin Edwards yesterday was massive news.

Edwards will likely finish as a top five prospect (maybe top 3) in the class, and is one of the most talented wings that John Calipari has recruited at Kentucky.

Not to mention beating out Tennessee for him makes it even sweeter.

But landing Edwards also goes a long way toward building what could ultimately go down as one of John Calipari’s best recruiting classes at Kentucky.

The Cats now have Robert Dillingham and Justin Edwards, and stand in a good position with D.J. Wagner.

Aaron Bradshaw is still on the table, although things look less certain than they did earlier this month.

And don’t count out Kentucky on Ron Holland either.

Lost in the mix of Kentucky’s recent success on the high school recruiting path is how well this Kentucky staff has done in the transfer portal.

I don’t see John Calipari suddenly forgetting that the portal exists, and possibly pulling a player or two out of there who can fill a role in that class.

But this has the makings of an old-school John Calipari class. Mix that in with the prowess that Kentucky has shown in the transfer portal, and I think Kentucky will be in a really good place with this group.

Justin Edwards brings a lot to be excited about, and the BBN should be elated that we’ll see him in blue and white.

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