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Saturday Headlines: Aaron Bradshaw Watch Edition

Will the next domino for 2023 fall this weekend?

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Happy three day weekend, BBN! I hope you are getting your Fourth of July celebrations underway today as America prepares to celebrate her Independence with a weekend filled with grills, food, pools, beer, and fireworks.

John Calipari may have some fireworks of his own very soon as Aaron Bradshaw, the top big man in the 2023 class, has reached his decision and is set to announce his destination sometime in the very near future.

The destination is likely to be UK as he has stated multiple times that it is his dream school. If Bradshaw does indeed pop for Kentucky, that will give John Calipari his third five star recruit for the class with Robert Dillingham and Reed Sheppard already in the fold.

This class is shaping up to be an old school John Calipari monster class. DJ Wagner, Justin Edwards, Mookie Cook and Ugonna Kingsley are all high caliber five star players that Cal is still in play with and has a very good chance at landing.

Make no mistake about it, Cal will have to have a big class and do some crafty work in the transfer portal because there will be a mass exodus after this season.

All that being said, it’s nice to see that mojo back with Kentucky’s recruiting.

Tweets of the Day

Good to see Cal flex a little bit here. He’s feeling it right now.

Nice outing for Reed.


Cristian Conyer set to choose on Sunday | SI.Com- The number one football player in Kentucky and one of Mark Stoops top DB targets is set to choose between the Cats and the Vols on Sunday. The momentum seems to be swinging the way of Tennessee. Stoops has a big month on the horizon and needs to get some momentum back in the recruiting world.

John Calipari in Spain | FIBA- Cal and Orlando Antigua are in Spain to check out the U17 World Cup. DJ Wagner, Karter Knox and Ronald Holland are the big names that they’ll be watching closely. Is this Cal’s last pitch to DJ Wagner as Louisville seems to be in the lead?

DJ Wagner focused on gold as he’s scouted in Spain | Wagner has been consistently focused on his goals while being bombarded with recruiting questions. While Cal is attending, UofL is sending Nolan Smith but not Kenny Payne. Are the Cards confident enough in their standing that they don’t have to send the HC?

New year, new Toppin | KSR- Jacob Toppin has been focusing on two things during the offseason: his diet and his jumper. Toppin’s confidence in through the roof and he is looking to break out in his final season at UK.

NBA Cats getting massive deals is something recruits have noticed | Vaught’s Views- This has always been one of Calipari’s big selling points and it’s been a big time contract season for ex-Cats.

5 takeaways from Big 10/USC/UCLA bombshell news | WDRB- The local tie to this story is UofL. As the conferences continue to expand to what looks like will be two mega-conferences, Kentucky looks to be in a safe spot due to their status in the SEC while Louisville is a new kid on the block in the ACC. The SEC or Big 10 will not dismiss current schools from their ranks but the ACC is ripe for the picking. How attractive is UofL compared to UNC, FSU, Clemson, and others?

Is it SEC vs. Big Ten for Notre Dame? | SDS- It appears that the next big domino to fall will be Notre Dame. While we can all expect the Irish to remain Independent in football, the allure of them playing in your conference guaranteed for multiple games per season and their other non-football programs are as attractive as anything out there. Notre Dame just feels like a Big 10 school. Once the Irish depart the ACC, others will follow in short order.

PAC 12 looking to expand after USC/UCLA departure | ESPN- Like the Big 12 before it, the PAC 12 is in preservation mode. But any additions won’t make up for what’s been lost or what will be lost in the future.

KD to the Heat? | CBS- Kevin Durant wants out of the circus that was the Nets (thanks to Kyrie) and Miami is one of the favorites here. Land him and/or Donovan Mitchell and they’re the immediate favorites in the East.

Times and dates for NBA Summer League | Sporting News- Good news if you’re itching for some basketball in the summer.

Reds lose 9-1 | Reds Reporter- The Braves clock the Reds in Cincy to solidify their longest home losing streak since 2001.