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Thursday Headlines: Fabulous Practice Edition

John Calipari is liking the early practices.

UK Athletics

It’s still early, but as we’re about a month out from the Bahamas trip and with several practices complete, it seems like John Calipari really likes this team.

“Practices have been fabulous,” Calipari said Tuesday. “You’ve got some vets, you’ve got some new guys, you’ve got some rookies. They’re all coming together.”

Calipari spoke Tuesday and said the young guys are meshing well with the veterans and specifically mentioned the improvement of players like Jacob Toppin and Daimion Collins, along with a healthy CJ Fredrick and Lance Ware, who has spent much of the offseason in the weight room getting stronger.

“It’s fun. We’re fast, guys can score, we’re downhill runners,” he said. “Jacob (Toppin) is way better, Daimion (Collins) is way better. It’s just good to see. CJ (Fredrick) is getting healthy, thank goodness. We can start with him now. … Antonio Reeves, you know? Lance (Ware) has put on pounds. … We’ve seen the impact he can have on games when he plays, his energy, he’s a really smart player. Now add on the weight so he can physically dominate.”

That Bahamas trip in August should reveal a lot of where the offseason hype has been coming from, but it’s also important to remember there is still a lot of growth and development between then and the start of the season.

“The biggest thing is, let’s get these guys to be a team,” Calipari said. “We’re going to the Bahamas, and I hope everybody watches and says, ‘They have fun, they play hard, they play for each other. And wow, this is only the summer.’ We do have good players, guys who came back, some of the freshmen that came in. … This is a great group.”

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