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Oscar Tshiebwe will be shooting threes this season

Tshiebwe is looking to expand his game in Year 2.

Oscar Tshiebwe Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - Sea of Blue

Last season, Oscar Tshiebwe put together an outstanding season, paving the way for him to be named college basketball’s National Player of the Year.

This offseason, Tshiebwe decided that he would be returning to Kentucky for his senior year as he looks to bring home the program’s ninth national title.

He’s also looking to expand his game even more and take it to the next level.

Last year, Tshiebwe was able to knock down mid-range jumpers at a good rate, though he’ll be looking to expand his range further in Year 2.

During Tuesday’s meeting with media, Tshiebwe talked about his second year and extending his range to the three-point line.

“Yes. Absolutely yes (on shooting threes this season). I’m working on it,” Tshiebwe stated. “I don’t need to go out there and hit a bunch of threes. I just need one or two in the game. Then I can stay down low and keep doing my thing.

What does John Calipari think about Tshiebwe stepping back to the three-point line next season?

“He’s been shooting threes, handling the ball better,” Calipari said Tuesday. “I told him, ‘if you come back, you have to prove you’re a better basketball player. Or why would you come back? Be a second-round pick. Be 45 (overall). So what?’

“If you want to be a first-round pick, when they watch you, they have to say, ‘man, you’re a basketball player.’ They can’t just say you’re a rebounding machine.”

The Cats are going to be one of the best teams in the country next season, and if Tshiebwe is making threes, the Cats will be tough to beat.

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