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SEC unlikely to add more teams in near future

The addition of Oklahoma and Texas seem to be it for a while.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Louisiana State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC is going from 14 to 16 teams with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma.

The Longhorns and Sooners, both with extensive football histories that include some of the best in collegiate history.

However, with the Pac-12 losing USC and UCLA to the Big Ten, there certainly should’ve been gossip on whether or not the SEC was going to open its door even wide. The teams are certainly there for the taking with Notre Dame still not in an official conference.

Here’s what Saturday Down South’s Matt Hayes had to say when speaking with some SEC athletic directors.

“We’re positioned at 16 (teams) for a robust future,” an SEC athletic director told SDS. “The need just isn’t there.”

They’re not wrong in that approach either. At what point is there too many teams. The Big Ten could soon be the Big Twenty, and the SEC could almost justify breaking up into four different divisions if the breakdown of the Big 12 and Pac-12 continues.

“I don’t see any (expansion) move as threatening to us,” an SEC source told SDS.

Considering the SEC is widely known for its football prowess and that should continue well into the future with the programs it has already, there truly isn’t a need to rival any other conference.

Expect the nation’s premier football conference to stay put with 16 for quite some time.