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Aaron Bradshaw postpones college decision

What’s next with the 5-star center?

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Just last week, the Kentucky Wildcats appeared set for their next basketball commitment in the form of Aaron Bradshaw.

That is no longer the case, as the top-15 recruit has postponed his decision.

In an interview with Sam Lance of Zags Blog, Bradshaw said he’s pushed his decision back, though he made it sound like we won’t be waiting too much longer.

“Me and my mom talked it over and just thought I can’t be rushing into things,” Bradshaw said. “I just have to take my time. I pushed it back a little bit. Not too far, but I pushed it back.”

It’s unclear what led to the postponement, especially after Bradshaw said he’d made his college decision on July 1st. It was just a matter of making it public.

There’s been recent buzz growing that Bradshaw could wind up playing in the NBA G-League instead of going to college. If college is the choice, Kentucky and Louisville are who’s mainly battling it out down the stretch, though other schools are still in the running.

“Those are my places right there,” Bradshaw said of Louisville and Kentucky. “Those are my guys. I know a lot of people there. I know a lot of people that went there. And I just know a lot about the schools. It’s not just those two, there’s other schools I really like too.”

Then there’s the DJ Wagner factor. Both play at Camden High School in New Jersey and with the NJ Scholars on the AAU circuit, though the recent buzz has been that they’ll be splitting up in college.

While Louisville was seen as the favorite for Wagner in recent months, Kentucky has been picking up steam over the last week. It’s unclear if these two developments are related.

Whatever the case may be, Kentucky no longer appears to be the heavy favorite to land Bradshaw.

Be sure to read the full Zags Blog interview here.

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