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UCLA and USC in talks to join Big Ten

RIP Pac-12?

NCAA Football: Southern California at UCLA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

College realignment has long passed the line of absurdity, yet it keeps finding ways to get even more absurd.

The latest example is a potentially massive move being made by the Big Ten to acquire two of the top West Coast athletics programs in USC and UCLA.

According to Pac-12 reporter Jon Wilner, both California schools are planning to join the Big Ten as early as 2024. Other reporters have since confirmed that USC and UCLA are in negotiations to join the conference.

While athletics conferences have traditionally tried to have schools within a reasonable distance of each other, that’s now long gone in the new age of super conferences.

If this move comes to pass, we’ll be seeing schools like Penn State and USC have to travel to completely opposite ends of the country to face each other. Imagine being an athlete in California and traveling across the country to play in Happy Valley during a snow game in November.

You have to wonder if the SEC will make another realignment move to ensure it remains the best conference in college sports.

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