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Friday Headlines: UK - UofL Football Rivalry in Danger?

Great news for the Cards if true.

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Will Levis Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Good morning BBN.

With the SEC likely moving to a nine-game conference schedule, that’s putting many rivalries within the south in danger.

Among them would be the Kentucky Wildcats’ in-state rivalry with the Louisville Cardinals, a series that’s seen UK dominate recently. Mark Stoops’ bunch has won four of five in this series, the last three being by 46, 32 and 21 points respectively.

So yeah, if this rivalry does end, congrats to UofL on one less likely embarrassment for them per year.

What are your thoughts on the rivalry potentially ending?

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Kentucky reportedly arguing to keep 8-game SEC football schedule
The conference is considering a 1-7 model and a 3-6 model. In the 1-7 model, teams would play one fixed opponent and rotate the other seven over a two-year period. In the 3-6 model, teams would play three fixed opponents and rotate six on a two-year basis.

Kentucky vs. Louisville: The Governor’s Cup is in Jeopardy
The Governor’s Cup is scheduled through 2030, but a scheduling change by the SEC could serve as the beginning of the end to the rivalry game

Calipari lays out plan to expand Oscar Tshiebwe's game
Tshiebwe is back to improve his game, and Kentucky’s NCAA title chances to boot. His development from the start of last season to late when he had a variety of spin moves and 16 consecutive double-doubles was impressive, but he has to keep improving for the NBA to seriously consider him.

Kentucky vs. Louisville recruiting battle is brewing for Koby Keenum
Thanks to the addition of blue-chip quarterback Pierce Clarkson, Louisville’s recruiting operation has suddenly gone from a program that couldn’t recruit at a top-40 level to one that is near a top-10 pace as the summer begins for the class of 2023.

2023 NFL Draft odds: Kentucky quarterback Will Levis taking heavy betting action to be first overall pick
Thus far, 70 percent of all money wagered on the 2023 first overall pick at Caesars is on Levis, who will be 23 on June 27 -- older than the typical draftee. An Illinois bettor dropped $1,000 when he was +4000 for potential winnings of $40,000.

Tom Brady says he felt pressure to end retirement because of NFL free agency
Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady felt pressure to end his retirement thanks to free agency, he said in his first comments since announcing his decision to return to the Bucs.

Aaron Rodgers says he thinks about retirement “all the time”
The Green Bay Packers QB considered retiring after the 2020 season and again after 2021. His new contract gives him the flexibility to walk away whenever he wants.

Roads are Lasting Twice as Long Thanks to Recycled Tire Rubber
Rubber from used tires acts like sunscreen for roads and halves the rate of sun damage when mixed with bitumen, new research from RMIT has found.

Woman becomes pregnant while being pregnant
In a rare case, a 30-year-old Texas woman became pregnant while being already pregnant, and gave birth to twins within a span of six minutes.

Nike's Phil Knight, Dodgers' Alan Smolinisky make offer to buy Portland Trail Blazers
Knight, 84, is considered one of the Top 25 richest people in the United States, worth north of $50 billion. He was born in Portland, graduated from the University of Oregon and stepped down as chairman and CEO of Nike in 2016 after 52 years running the company.

Magnets Made by Soil Bacteria Offer Hope for Breast and Prostate Cancer
A kind of microbe that absorbs iron to magnetize itself can be combined with cancer-killing natural viruses to create a crack team.