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MLB 2022: What to know if you haven’t paid attention

Yankees are great, Mets are good, Cubs are terrible

Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

We’ve now reached the end of June, which means that the NFL and college football are long gone, the nets have been cut in the NCAA Tournament and NBA Finals, the College World Series has just wrapped up, and the Stanley Cup is in a new trophy case. That leaves us with pretty much just one major sport on the old television, and if you haven’t been paying attention to any Major League Baseball this season but would like to stay posted then here’s what you need to know about the season so far:

  • The Yankees are really, really great. They are playing at a historic win pace and have dominated absolutely everybody. This is their best team in years and it is taking over the league—if they don’t win the World Series when it’s all said and done it will be a huge disappointment to their vast fanbase. Through 74 games they are 54-20, which is unreal for a baseball team and puts them just about on pace to break the all-time wins record of 116.
  • The Mets are also quite good, which is very unusual for them, and are 47-27 and winning the NL East. A return to the playoffs with a star-studded team will be very good for the franchise, which had floundered the past several seasons.
  • The Dodgers are still good, of course, and are their usual 45-27. Houston’s the same. They make it look so easy.
  • The defending champions (the Atlanta Braves) are 42-32 and should make the playoffs again.
  • The three worst teams in the National League are all in the NL Central, as the Pirates, Cubs, and Reds are 29-44, 28-45, and 25-47 respectively.
  • There have been a few no-hitters but no perfect games.
  • The Angels still have the two best players in the entire league and will still miss the playoffs.
  • White Sox manager Tony LaRussa intentionally walked a guy with two strikes several weeks ago. The next guy then hit a home run and the White Sox lost. Oops. LaRussa had a justification and defense for it, but nobody cares. At least it was just 1 out of 162. Do something like that in the NFL and it’s all over.

Bottom Line: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Yankees are the big deal right now and the big question is whether they will continue this dominance for the remainder of the season and the playoffs for a 28th World Series championship.