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Bleav in Kentucky talks Mike Pratt, Abby Steiner, Rhyne Howard and more

A trio of UK legends.

Bleav in Kentucky

It’s been an emotional week for the BBN following the passing of UK legend Mike Pratt.

On this week’s episode of Bleav in Kentucky, Vinny Hardy discussed the immeasurable impact Pratt has had on UK Athletics, both as a former player and radio broadcaster.

Hardy also discussed the unbelievable run Abby Steiner is having, as the track & field star is proving to be one of the world’s best runners, and one of the best athletes that’s ever graced UK’s campus.

Speaking of UK greats, Rhyne Howard is ballin’ out in her rookie WNBA season with the Atlanta Dream.

Be sure to check out this week’s episode to hear what Hardy had to say about it all. Subscribe to the show on the Bleav Podcast Network, Stitcher, iTunes, Audible, and on Spotify.

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