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Antonio Reeves talks about decision to come to Kentucky

Reeves is a key piece for this upcoming season.

Antonio Reeves on Twitter

The transfer portal has added a totally different dimension to college athletics.

You don't have to look very far or very hard to see the success the Kentucky Wildcats have had either, as Oscar Tshiebwe took home National Player of the Year honors in his first season playing for the Cats.

Now, John Calipari has added another transfer to the list, and one that will be a key piece for this 2022-23 roster.

That is Antonio Reeves.

With practice underway, Reeves took some time to talk to the media on Friday about his decision to come play for the Cats after posting just over 13-points a game for Illinois State.

“I’ve been a fan of Kentucky all of my life,” Reeves said. “I watched a lot of games when I was younger, and I know it’s a lot of pros that came out of here and a lot of national champions and a lot of SEC championships.”

Kentucky also fits the mold of what Reeves was looking for in his transfer destination.

“I just wanted to first try to win a national championship, surround myself with really good players, and just grind every day at practice and make myself better.”

Alongside UK, Reeves also said he considered Nebraska, Xavier, DePaul, and Oregon.

Reeves is going to be needed for his shot-making ability throughout the season alongside CJ Fredrick. Add in the ability to score from all three levels, and he is the perfect addition to this year's team.

Let this short clip show you some of that ability.

It’s going to be a fun year.