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CBS Sports’ pro comparisons for TyTy Washington and Shaedon Sharpe

Both are looking to hear their names called early on draft night.

TyTy Washington Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - Sea of Blue

The 2022 NBA Draft is less than two weeks away as TyTy Washington and Shaedon Sharpe are expected to hear their names called early on.

One thing that people like to do is give their player comparisons for the draft hopefuls to give an idea of the role they will play in the league.

Last week, CBS Sports’ writer Kyle Boone released his player comparisons for the draft including the two Kentucky players.

Boone compared Washington to former North Carolina guard Cole Anthony with his ability to utilize the mid-range.

“While Washington doesn’t have the explosive blow-by-you-off-the-dribble ability of fellow former Kentucky guard Tyrese Maxey, he does have some striking similarities to his game,” Boone wrote. “Both love to attack in the mid-range, both have great touch on floaters — neither necessarily project as true lead guards.”

He continued, “That profile probably more aptly compares to former UNC guard (Cole) Anthony,” Boone wrote. “Below-the-rim athletes who can fill it up as a scorer. Not suited to be true lead guards but can share the role, and perhaps well. I’m more bullish on Washington’s ability to potentially inherit that type of role than I am of Anthony, but even if he doesn’t, we’re still talking about a very valuable modern-day combo guard.”

During his one season at Kentucky, Washington averaged 12.5 points and 3.9 assists while Anthony averaged 16.3 points and 5.7 assists during his time at UNC.

Comparing Sharpe to another player is tricky considering he never played a single game for the Wildcats making his sample size a lot smaller.

With that being said, Boone compared Sharpe to another top athlete, Golden State’s Andrew Wiggins.

“Both long and athletic wings, Sharpe and Wiggins also share one thing in common: they were once the No. 1 recruit in their respective classes,” Boone wrote.

“Their athleticism is pretty close to similar, too,” Boone said. “Wiggins’ vertical leap is well over 40 inches — reportedly 44 inches — while Sharpe’s may be closer to 50.”

Despite the similarities, Sharpe seems to be more of an alpha than what we saw from Wiggins.

“Sharpe, however, has to this point in his career been more of an alpha,” Boone wrote. “He’s an aggressive scorer. He’s a tough-shot maker. Wiggins’ lack of aggressiveness — especially as a former No. 1 pick — is a knock that’s stuck with him, even though he’s carved out a nice career for himself and found a great home with the Warriors.”

He continued, “Sharpe has superstar potential which makes him, even after not playing in college, one of the five most intriguing long-term prospects in this year’s class.”

The 2022 NBA Draft will take place on Thursday, June 23rd at 7:30 p.m. ET. ABC and ESPN will air the first round with ESPN covering the second round.

You can check out all of Boone’s player comparisons here.