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Saturday Headlines: Chris Oats Recovery Edition

The Kentucky linebacker is making consistent strides in his recovery.

Susan Lax

Good morning, BBN.

Chris Oats has had a long recovery ever since suffering a debilitating injury. Since then, he’s been confined to a wheelchair while going through physical rehabilitation in order to one day walk again.

It looks as if Oats has made a significant stride as reported by BBN Tonight’s Maggie Davis.

Good luck and prayers to Oats as he continues down the path to health.

Tweets of the Day

Calipari looking super tanned here.


Calipari opens up about KT Turner hire | Cats Pause- The Texas pipeline was a priority for John Calipari and it looks like Turner is going to keep it open.

CJ Fredrick eager to make debut | Cats Illustrated- Kentucky needs Fredrick to be as lethal from three as he was at Iowa and to stay healthy.

Cal wants a bigger, more physical Lance Ware | Vaught’s Views- Lance Ware was an effective enforcer last season but needs to be more than just that.

Lance Ware and CJ Fredrick provide updates | KSR- Still think this team needs one more piece (not gonna happen) but still excited to see them bounce back.

TyTy Washington projected outside of the lottery | CBS- He’s very well thought of but the injuries and uneven season have him in the late first round.

Kentucky hosting FCS running back | SDS- This looks to be some insurance in case Chris Rodriguez either misses a significant amount of team or isn’t on the team at all.

Tony LaRussa defends absurd 1-2 walk | ESPN- I think it’s fair to say it may be time for him to call it a career.

Browns won’t void DeShaun Watson’s contract | Sporting News- What an absolute mess in Cleveland.