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NCAA opts to add technical foul penalty for flopping

This should be a step in the right direction.

Villanova University vs University of Kansas, 2022 NCAA National Semifinals Set Number: X164001 TK1

The NCAA is making changes. They’re mimicking the NBA with the fact that players can now be hit with a technical foul for flopping.

In the minds of most, this should be a good move for the Association. It will limit one part of the game that spectators hate most. The Association’s panel approved this. Here’s the explanation of how flopping situations may be gauged.

“When evaluating potential flopping situations, officials will be asked to judge whether the player’s physical reaction to the contact with another player is consistent with what would have been expected, given the force of the contact. When the reaction is not consistent, the player is most likely exaggerating the nature of the contact in an attempt to gain an advantage, and flopping has occurred,” Greg Johnson wrote for

The technical will be a Class B technical which means that there was no physical contact or unsportsmanlike actions.

This shouldn’t necessarily have an advantage or disadvantage for Kentucky. If anything, it sounds like it would be good for the Cats, especially as the return of Oscar Tshiebwe should give them one of the nation’s most physical teams.

This could also be useful for charge calls, which partially seemed to take over games at times last season. At least some of those calls will now be hit with a technical and dubbed a flop.

With what intent refs call these fouls will also be interesting as they could certainly be loose with them and little change. Nonetheless, this is a step in the right direction and should add more flavor to the game as fans should no longer have to see unnecessary flopping.