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Tyler Herro involved in trade rumors

The Heat need to add a star. Will they give up Herro to make it happen?

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Seven Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Sadly, while Tyler Herro was Sixth Man of the Year this past season, it was a disappointing finish for the star guard. The Miami Heat pushed the Boston Celtics to seven games, and it wasn’t because of Herro’s assistance.

Discouragingly, after a combined 43 minutes through the first two games, Herro missed the next three. He tried to make a return in Game 7, and it just wasn’t happening as he played a mere six minutes.

Herro averaged 13.8 points per game throughout the Heat’s first two series. What was on full display, even when Herro was playing, was the Heat’s inability to drum up consistent offense.

With players like PJ Tucker and Kyle Lowry potentially looking to get back to the NBA Finals with Miami, the Heat could be in win-now mode, which would then jeopardize the future of Herro, one of Miami’s top prospects.

Herro is coming off a career year, averaging 20.7 points per game, up from just over 15 per game a season ago. He could be on the move though, as Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer suggests.

Here’s what Fischer wrote on a move that could send Herro to Utah for Jazz superstar guard Donovan Mitchell.

“Plus, there’s healthy skepticism around the NBA that New York’s best offer for Mitchell would trump other teams’ pursuits, such as a potential package from Miami that would theoretically center around Tyler Herro plus other salary and multiple first-round picks,” Fischer wrote.

There’s reason to believe the Heat could move the young star guard, especially considering they were a Jimmy Butler three away from reaching the NBA Finals this past season.

Utah hasn’t had much traction in blowing it up after their first-round exit, but things could certainly heat up in the offseason.