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NCAA set to make big change to college football rules

The player counter and conference championship teams could change for the upcoming season.

Vrbo Citrus Bowl - Iowa v Kentucky Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats football program has been increasing in both talent and popularity over the last few seasons.

Since Mark Stoops took over, Kentucky has become a far more competent football program. It has been to 6 straight bowl games and has won 4 straight, most recently beating Iowa in the Citrus Bowl.

With that in mind, the NCAA may be looking into changing some things that will inevitably impact the Cats. For starters, per Bryan Fischer, they’re looking to waive the 25-man counter limit.

The other one is a really interesting move, and it is one that will, in theory, give each conference a committee to place the two best teams in the respective conference's championship.

You can see both of Fischer’s notes below.

The SEC right now is divided into an East and a West division.

The East, which Kentucky is a part of, also has Georgia and Florida, two programs that either are or have been powerhouses in football. Alabama and Auburn are the main names in the West along with Texas A&M and LSU.

This past season, fans received an electric Georgia-Alabama SEC Championship. While it ultimately may not impact much, there is going to be an increased chance for Kentucky or Florida to slide into the championship if they don’t as impressive of a resume as Georgia.

Georgia and Bama will still be the favorites to reach the title game, but this is a good move for the mid-tier teams that could have better resumes yet as many losses. It may also make a team's non-conference schedule more important.

Both rule changes seem to be for the better and should make college football a better product for fans.