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John Calipari discusses his views on NIL

Questions have been surrounding the program about their NIL process.

Memphis Grizzlies v Indiana Pacers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

College Athletics is in uncharted waters.

With the transfer portal and Name, Image, and Likeness now all part of the college athletes’ lives, coaches and fans are all having to adjust to the new world that is college sports.

John Calipari might be at the top of coaches in the country feeling the most heat.

After losing to Saint Peter’s in the first round of this year’s NCAA Tournament, the Big Blue Nation has been adamant about getting back to being the perennial force in college basketball. One of the ways to do that in this new era is NIL.

Coach Calipari did want to clarify a few things in regard to NIL. TJ Beisner, who is the Director of Player Development for Kentucky Basketball, tweeted Tuesday morning, after news circulated that Kentucky will not guarantee NIL compensation for recruits and transfer portal prospects, as it is illegal under state and federal laws, but schools are finding workarounds using Collectives.

Calipari also wanted to make it known he is in full support of the student athletes being able to profit. He just wants to make sure it’s done in the right way.

“I’ve pushed for NIL for 10 years publicly and no one is more supportive, which is why our players are making more money than anyone, the right way,” Calipari said Beisner. “NIL won’t hurt us and hasn’t for any kid we’ve REALLY wanted. If NCAA or federal government make changes, we’ll adapt and continue to lead.”

Beisner made it known through a thread on Twitter as well that will hopefully give fans a piece of mind in this whole pay-for-play era we have entered.

The sport is changing faster than ever, and this is just another proof of how quick it can all change.