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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Keith Farmer from LEX 18 News

The co-host of BBN Tonight and father of three boys stops by to chat.

The Kentucky Dad Podcast kept it rolling this week by releasing the fourth episode of season two.

If you haven’t listened to TJ Walker, Terry Brown or Dick Gabriel’s appearance, I highly recommend going back and checking them out. The Dad Podcasts aren’t so much tied to current events, so it’s always easy to go back and catch up!

This time I was joined by LEX 18’s Sport Anchor, Keith Farmer, who’s the proud father of three boys.

He’s also anxiously awaiting to welcome his first grandchild into the world this October.

As the co-host for BBN Tonight, which airs every weeknight at 7:30 PM on LEX 18, Keith is a familiar face for most Kentucky fans.

After growing up in Richmond, he’d go on to graduate from Morehead State and hold a variety of sports journalism positions around the Commonwealth before settling back down in Lexington in 2013.

Keith had the amazing opportunity to cover both the 1998 and 2012 Kentucky basketball National Championship teams. He’s seen a lot of cool UK sports moments over the years which we touched on a bit during the podcast.

I found some of the habits that Keith picked up later in life very intriguing, such as becoming a coffee drinker and starting a difficult journey as a distance runner.

I can definitively say that Keith is someone who’s always been extremely kind to me and everybody that he comes into contact with would say the same thing.

It was a blast getting to learn a little more about him as a person and father.

We committed to having him back on sometime next year after the birth of his grandchild so we can hear about that side of the spectrum!

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