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The Pope Receives a Gift From Mark Stoops

Will the Pope bless Kentucky with a trip to the SEC Championship?

Eastern Michigan v Kentucky

Mark Stoops is preparing for another milestone season as the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, but in the meantime, he just sent a gift to one of the most powerful and influential people in the world, Pope Francis.

Father Jim Sichko, a Papal Missionary of Mercy, took a visit to the Vatican this week, bringing the Pope a gift from coach Stoops, a signed commemorative bottle of Wm. Tarr bourbon that celebrated this past season’s Citrus Bowl victory.

On an interesting and sport unrelated side note, Father Sickho is not just known for his giving and his faith, but also for his renowned spaghetti sauce, Miss Marie’s Spaghetti Sauce, which was named after his late mother and is served in 11 Delta Air Lines Sky Clubs across the country.

Back to Stoops, growing up Catholic, this must mean a lot to him, and it is a cool thing to see the Kentucky football program associated with the Pope.

One could say that the Pope was blessed with Mark Stoops’ spirits, and in turn, we can hope the Pope blesses Kentucky football with a trip to Atlanta to play for the SEC Championship.