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NFL Schedule 2022: Games to circle on the calendar

Who’s ready for a Bills-Chiefs rematch?

Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills, 2022 AFC Divisional Playoffs Set Number: X163914 TK1

The NFL has reached the happy point where just revealing each team’s schedule for the season is like college basketball’s Selection Sunday, and all day long people are looking for leaks just to see the matchups a few hours early.

It all certainly helps get talkin’ season going and is nice to have just a week after the draft and as teams have just about finished gelling into their 2022 forms with most of the trades and signings finished.

Let’s look at the some of the best-looking games from the schedule reveal:

Week 1: Bills at Rams (TNF)

One of the most exciting and potent offenses in the AFC vs. the Super Bowl champs in their SoFi Stadium. What better way to kick off the 2022 season than with Josh Allen against the title defenders, and for a nationwide NBC audience too.

Week 3: Packers at Buccaneers

Tampa in September means some Packers are going to get a little sweaty in the sun. They better be drinking a lot of Gatorade for this one (and put on some sunscreen!) Also, someone told me the quarterbacks for these two teams are pretty good—should be an intriguing matchup...

Week 6: Bills at Chiefs

Whoo boy, this one’s gonna be hyped like no other game all season! 13 seconds in Arrowhead Stadium, the overtime straw that finally broke the camel’s back, more touchdowns in two minutes than some entire games, that epic playoff showdown last winter had it all. If that was Ali and Frazier’s “The Fight” from the early 70s, this October, we get to see the highly anticipated “Super Fight II” that will face the extremely tall order of trying to top the first one in the same stadium. Either way, Bills and Chiefs will be a big deal every year it happens for at least the next decade.

Week 7: Browns at Ravens

These AFC bouts are sometimes overlooked but have produced some fantastic showdowns over the last couple of seasons. Two years ago the Browns and Ravens put on a 47-42 Monday night thriller that ended in a safety as time expired for the wacky final score, and last year the Browns took a 24-6 halftime lead and then almost blew it all but held on for a 24-22 win after a late Ravens turnover on downs. That was after they recovered an onside kick too!

Week 9: Rams at Buccaneers

Another big one for the defending champs, who get to face the GOAT after conquering him on their way to the Lombardi trophy last winter. Few teams reach Super Bowl glory without going through Tom Brady, and whether they can edge him and the Bucs in the regular season might give some insight into whether they can do it again next postseason.