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Drake says he’s “Wildcat for Life” before losing $100,000 bet on Duke in the Final Four

The Drake curse strikes again.

Image via Kentucky MBB

Drake is a world-renowned music artist and a self-proclaimed Kentucky Wildcats fan, and seemingly a fan of every team that is winning at the time.

On Saturday night, Drake put down $100,000 for the Duke Blue Devils to beat the North Carolina Tar Heels ahead of their Final Four matchup, with a potential payout of $52,000 CAD.

Unfortunately for him, however, they did not, losing 81-77.

@SportsLine on Twitter

Drake shared a screenshot of the bet in the Stake app, a company he partnered with back in 2021. In the screenshot, he noted his Kentucky fandom saying, “I’m a Wildcat for life, but I’m riding with @getfadedinc team for this one.”

I’m sorry Drake, but that is what you get for betting on Duke, and with a reported net worth of $180 million, it is safe to say that Drake won’t be hurting too much following the loss.

While Drake lost $100,000, college basketball fans outside of Durham all won, knowing that Coach K would not finish his career with a storybook ending and a national championship.