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Kellan Grady opens up about his struggles with plantar fasciitis throughout the season

The fifth-year senior battled through the pain the entire season.

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Kellan Grady Dylan Ballard - Sea of Blue

There was a point in time when it seemed Kellan Grady would become the top three-point shooter in Kentucky Wildcats basketball history. Grady was filling it up from behind the arc, with one of the highlights being his performance in the Alabama comeback win at Rupp Arena.

After that game, however, Grady hit a slump.

Grady joined KSR this morning and opened up about his battle with plantar fasciitis this season. He didn’t pin his end-of-season struggles on this condition, but he did admit it impacted his performance.

“It could have been. It’s not something I’ve blamed my shooting woes towards the end of the last couple of games on. It was brutal. I dealt with it all year. I found a way to go about it and try to get myself well enough for every game, but I think it undoubtedly took a toll on me to a degree as the season went on.”

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes pain in the bottom of the heel, and is best cured with extended rest and treatment. For Grady two games a week, and a stretch where he averaged close to 39 minutes per game, the “rest” part was extremely limited.

He was asked if he ever thought about sitting out, and his quick “no” speaks volumes to the way he felt about the opportunity to play for Kentucky.

“I decided to play a fifth year. I did it at the utopia of college basketball and I wanted to be part of every game and play for this fanbase and play for my teammates,” Grady said.

Kyle Tucker of The Athletic released an article talking with Grady about this condition as well, in which he talked about working with a specialist in New York.

Grady will now turn his focus and efforts on making an NBA roster. With workouts beginning in the coming weeks, it will be fun to see where the sharp-shooter lands, though he’ll hopefully be doing so with a more healthy body.

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