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Davion Mintz gives insight on Shaedon Sharpe

The super senior gives us some insight on Shaedon Sharpe as a player but remains mum on what he may do regarding the NBA Draft.

Davion Mintz Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - Sea of Blue

Davion Mintz is in New Orleans taking part in the Final Four festivities as he prepares for life after playing for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Andy Sweeney, the host of The Take, asked Davion to sit down for an interview on radio row, and Mintz was gracious enough to share his time and thoughts on his time at Kentucky.

When asked about what happened against St. Peters, Mintz was quick to give credit to the Peacocks and seemed as surprised as we all were at the result. It was a shame that he wasn’t able to enjoy his time in the tournament as a Wildcat.

One of the main offseason topics regarding Kentucky basketball is the status of Shaedon Sharpe. Mintz said that Sharpe is indeed as good as we all are being told he is and that he was an awesome addition to the locker room.

When asked about whether or not Sharpe is going to return and play at Kentucky, Mintz declined to comment, but it sure sounded like the writing is on the wall.

Mintz raved about Sharpe and how he’s not only a great player, but also a great person as well as a great teammate.

Take a listen here:

This subject has been a divisive one among the BBN faithful. If Sharpe does decide to go to the NBA as a top-seven draft pick, which I believe he will, John Calipari will catch heat from Kentucky fans, especially now that we know that he most likely would have helped the team this season.

Looking at the team as a whole, an athletic slasher that could score on every level was exactly what this team was missing. Sharpe could have been that player for the Cats.

The situation isn’t great, and it’s going to take a big offseason for Calipari to make fans forget about this if it indeed goes down the way many of us feel it’s going to end. Maybe getting Oscar Tshiebwe to come back (fingers crossed) and landing some big-time transfers in the portal will ease the blow of Shaedon Sharpe never suiting up for the Cats.

There is still hope around Kentucky that Sharpe comes back to ultimately be a top three pick in 2023, as reported by KSR’s Jack Pilgrim.

I’d like to thank Davion Mintz for sitting down and talking to us and I hope he has a long, lucrative career playing professional basketball!