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John Calipari visits Dick Vitale, who has wonderful news

Vitale announced on Tuesday that he is officially in remission.


It has been a rough time for legendary broadcaster Dick Vitale, as he has been in a battle after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Thankfully on Tuesday, Vitale took to Twitter to announce the outstanding news that his latest scans showed no cancer and that he is officially in remission.

With the Kentucky Wildcats already in Tampa (FL) for the SEC Tournament, Vitale got a surprise visit from head coach John Calipari.

Vitale, who is on vocal rest due to his dysplasia and ulcerated lesions of the vocal cords, held up a sign that made a reference to the show Calipari recently made a surprise appearance on, “Billions.”

The sign reads, “Wow- I got a visitor tonight. A star from the show “Billions.”

It is awesome to see Vitale on the right track to recovery and to see Calipari take the time to go visit Vitale.

Get well soon, Dickie V!