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Oscar Tshiebwe has apparel line launch at Kentucky Branded

The SEC Player of the Year can finally utilize NIL.

Oscar Tshiebwe Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Oscar Tshiebwe has become one of the most beloved Kentucky Wildcats of the John Calipari era. The only thing missing in this new era of college athletics was the ability to represent the star big man.

Now you can, as the SEC Player of the Year has launched a new apparel line on Kentucky Branded.

As many may remember Oscar tweeted out several weeks back that he is now “open for business,” with this apparel line seemingly being the start. For him, this has been a long time coming.

While all of his teammates were able to benefit from the new NIL rules in July, Oscar has had to wait until recently to benefit from the rules himself. Now with permanent legislation in the works, and Oscar being able to finally profit from his name, image, and likeness, he does not want all of this to become a distraction.

“All that stuff, I just leave it up to God. I’m so grateful. When God opened up an opportunity for you, you should be grateful. They are doing that, and they’ve got some people that Coach has put in charge of helping me with that.

“I’m not letting all that stuff get in my head because this is not a great time for me to lose my head because we’re going to enter the tournament, so I just leave it up to Coach and everybody, the people Coach has pulled to help me.”

With one big decision remaining for Oscar on whether he will return for a second year at Kentucky or head off to the NBA after this season, one thing is for sure; Let's enjoy him while we have him.

You can find Oscar’s merchandise at here.