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Chris Rodriguez pegged as the top returning running back in the SEC

C-Rod should be a complete menace to opposing defenses in 2022.

Big Blue Drew

Simply put, knowing that the top producing running back in the SEC is returning to your roster should make you feel warm and fuzzy.

For Kentucky Wildcats fans, that’s exactly the case.

As we all know, Chris Rodriguez is slated for one more ride in Lexington after announcing his intention to return to the program.

By the numbers he’s poised to be the most impactful running back in the SEC next year.

247 Sports compiled a list of the best returning running backs in the SEC, and to no one’s surprise, Chris Rodriguez was at the top of the list.

In 2021, Rodriguez carried the ball 225 times for 1,379 yards and nine touchdowns.

Despite some periodic fumbling issues, C-Rod was one of the more consistent offensive options in the entire country a season ago.

Averaging over six yards per carry is absolutely incredible and a major reason why Kentucky’s offense went to new heights in 2021.

Keep in mind that it won’t just be Chris Rodriguez returning to the Wildcats’ backfield.

After a transfer scare, Kavosiey Smoke has announced his return to Lexington and is sure to be a nice big-play compliment to Rodriguez’s bruising approach.

I’ve always appreciated how their opposite styles can be used in Kentucky’s offense to give stout SEC defenses a different look from time to time.

You can only assume that newly-hired offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello is salivating at the idea of working with those two guys, along with his quarterback Will Levis.

If Kentucky can build on their 10-win season from a year ago, then you could see Chris Rodriguez potentially getting some Heisman consideration. You could see his teammate Will Levis soak up some of that shine as well if the Cats are able to put together a 10+ win season.

Am I getting ahead of myself?


But one thing is for certain — It’s a good time to be a Kentucky football fan.