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John Calipari loses watch at SEC Championship; found by Kyra Elzy

What an awesome story.

NCAA Womens Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament Championship-South Carolina vs Kentucky Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

During a crazy celebration after the winning three went through the net to push the Kentucky Wildcats women's basketball team over the South Carolina Gamecocks in Sunday’s SEC Championship game, John Calipari lost a watch.

And not just any watch, as according to the head coach, it was his lucky watch.

Well, later this evening, Calipari let the Twitter world know that his lucky watch had been found.

Who found it? None other than Women’s Head Coach Kyra Elzy.

This Kentucky women's team just capped off an amazing run and has solidified a spot in the year's NCAA Tournament, when several weeks back many would have seen as impossible.

And who would have thought they would do it by knocking off the top team in the sport?

Credit to Coach Elzy to push this talented team to reach the limits everyone knew they were capable of.

Finding Coach Cal’s watch is just the cherry on top of an awesome weekend.