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Who to root for this Saturday as UK tries to snatch a 1 seed

The Cats could use some chaos in the Big 12 before Championship Week.

TyTy Washington Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

There is just one weekend left of regular season college hoops until we are officially in the postseason, with a week of conference tournaments the only thing standing in between Selection Sunday.

The Kentucky Wildcats should be able to win at Florida and be in a good position for a 2 seed going into Championship Week, but can still get some boosts this Saturday when a few teams ranked ahead of them play some slightly more challenging games in their finales.

Here’s who to root for this Saturday.

4 pm: Texas Longhorns winning at Kansas Jayhawks

The Cats and Jayhawks are neck-and-neck in most rankings and brackets right now. One more Kansas loss should UK up and above them for good, especially with the big January win in Allen Fieldhouse.

6 pm: Iowa State Cyclones winning at Baylor Bears

The Bears have been surging as of late, shooting themselves past Kentucky all the way back to the top seed line. A slip-up at home against the Cyclones could change that, however.

6 pm: North Carolina Tar Heels winning at Duke Blue Devils

What better way to send off Coach K in his final home game with a loss to his school’s most hated rival? That’s one thing Cats fans and Tar Heel fans can agree on. On top of that, it would help UK possibly nudge ahead of the Blue Devils going into Champ Week.

There are a couple of other teams where it’d obviously be great if they lost, like Auburn at home vs South Carolina and Wisconsin at home vs Nebraska, but those are pretty unlikely to happen, so I just highlighted the ones that had at least a decent shot of happening.

The most important thing for the ‘Cats will be to win the SEC Tournament or at least make it to the championship game while hoping that teams like Kansas, Duke, and Wisconsin don’t win their respective conference tournaments. A lot is still on the table, but regardless of the Cats’ seed this team is ready for March!