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Rich Scangarello’s contract includes large buyout

Kentucky is determined to keep Scangarello in Lexington more than one season.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Mark Stoops and the Kentucky Wildcats are heading into the 2022 season with new offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello after hiring him from the San Francisco 49ers.

After losing Liam Coen back to the NFL after just one season in Lexington and the University has placed a substantial buyout in place to deter that from happening this time around.

Scangarello’s three-year contract includes a $750,000 buyout if he decides to leave before December 2, 2023. The buyout then drops to $150,000 for the third and final year of the contract.

This is significant because it is five times higher than other staff members as Vince Marrow, Brad White, and Liam Coen all have $150,000 buyouts.

The decision to get another offensive coordinator from the NFL left many wondering about potential staff turnover after Coen went back to the NFL after just one season. The buyout helps keep this from happening and will likely lock up Scangarello for at least two seasons.

Scangarello will earn $900,000 in his first season as the offensive coordinator and that number will increase by $100,000 each season. Coen made $750,000 in his first season and was set to get a raise to $1.1 million before leaving to be the OC for the Los Angeles Rams.