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Kentucky unveils March Madness hype video

Prepare to get chills

The Kentucky Wildcats’ new hype video ahead of the team’s first-round NCAA Tournament matchup with Saint Peter’s is out, and oh boy... it is must-see.

The video brings back a ton of nostalgia for young and old fans alike with clips from Kentucky’s championship teams and other memorable NCAA Tournament runs.

From Anthony Davis to Adolph Rupp, it’s a good look back at some of the Big Blue Nation’s favorite tournament memories.

Check it out!

As always, major credit goes to the fine folks at UK who make these videos. They do a spectacular job and accomplish the mission of getting the fanbase hyped up. Kudos to them for another job well done!

This will be Kentucky’s first NCAA Tournament game since 2019, and it’s long-awaited.

This team has become a fan-favorite over the course of the season with their various personalities and the way they have come together. Let’s hope the season lasts a month longer!