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Huge news on Oscar Tshiebwe NIL offer (if he’s back next season) and his mother coming to America

What an amazing story Oscar Tshiebwe has become.

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Oscar Tshiebwe Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - Sea of Blue

When news broke that Kentucky Wildcats star Oscar Tshiebwe could now sign lucrative NIL deals, immediate speculation began that it meant the big man would likely return next season, assuming he doesn’t vault up NBA Draft boards to the point he’s a first-round pick.

Now, we know the kind of money Tshiebwe could bring in if he does return to Kentucky for his senior season of college basketball, as well as the kind of impact it will make on Tshiebwe’s family.

In an interview with The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker, Tshiebwe’s agent, Nate Conley, revealed that his client already has a multi-million dollar offer on the table if he returns for the 2022-23 college hoops season.

Tshiebwe is about to get a free Porsche, like teammates TyTy Washington and Shaedon Sharpe, and launch a merchandise and apparel deal. Oh, and there’s this bombshell, which might be the headline for UK fans who’ve resigned themselves to the fact Tshiebwe will turn pro after this season: “I’m looking at an email right now. If he comes back to school, there will be a multimillion-dollar deal on the table,” Conley said. Cue the record-scratch sound effect, right?

However, Tucker adds that Tshiebwe’s main goal isn’t getting paid. The real goal is to bring his mother to America, as she still lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Tuckers reports that this will happen in time so that she can see her son play in person for the first time ever during the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

“I’m so thankful to God, I don’t even know what to say. I’m just excited,” Tshiebwe said of his mother coming to America soon. “That means a lot to me. When I see my mom, I’ll probably cry like a baby. To be able to do this and help my mom is one of the best things in my life. I’ve come from a long way away and always try to find a way to take care of my family, and now God has opened the doors.”

This is really a tremendous article you should do yourself a favor and read the entirety of at The Athletic.

As for Tshiebwe’s future, it looks like there’s now a very real chance he’s back in Lexington for his senior year. If he is, that Senior Day ceremony will be one to remember, especially if his mother is able to attend.

Oh, and can you imagine a roster with a senior Tshiebwe and a redshirt freshman Shaedon Sharpe?

Too good to be true, right?

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