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Davion Mintz shares beautiful story about meeting young fan after Kansas win

The BBN is special, folks.

Davion Mintz Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - Sea of Blue

Davion Mintz is special, folks.

After an impressive performance against Vanderbilt on Wednesday night, in which he scored 21 points in 35 minutes played, Mintz shared a story after the game that might be even more special than the outcome of tonight’s game for him.

Mintz shared a story of a young fan that came up to him after the Kansas game, in tears, because she was so excited to meet one of her favorite players.

Mintz didn’t score in the victory over Kansas, but it was this reaction that meant so much more to him.

“My heart was heavy.” He then continued to talk about how he believes God had given him this opportunity.

“Everyone needs situations like that. I never expected someone would be crying about me, honestly. It’s basketball, they love it. But no, these people have personal connections to us... She had a Quickley jersey on.”

It is no secret that Davion didn’t have the usual Kentucky basketball experience last season. With his return, he not only plays an important role on this season's roster, but he finally gets the chance to see the full impact this sport has on the Big Blue Nation.

Times have been rough for many over the last few years, including these players. Stories like these are always a good reminder though, as we get to see just how big of role models these student athletes are to kids across the state and the fanbase.

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