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UK is close to approving new indoor practice facility and other upgrades

Some much-needed upgrades are on the verge of coming to fruition.

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats football program is on the brink of getting their own indoor practice facility.

A project that is long overdue is finally coming to fruition, as Mark Stoops should be getting his wish as he continues to build the football program.

Today, officials of the university met to approve three separate projects across the athletic department. Overall, the three projects will cost around $30 million dollars to help not only the football program, but also the track and field program.

All three projects passed today and will now look to get approval from the UK Board of Trustees on Friday.

With the proposals, Kentucky will be constructing a $20 million dollar practice facility for the track and field team. With the new facility this would allow the football program to renovate Nutter Field House. This transformation will cost around $5 million to convert it into a football-only facility.

Alongside those proposals, Kroger Field will be getting some renovations, as they will be investing $5 million into new video boards for the stadium.

At the start of the offseason, Mark Stoops was a hot name on the coaching carousel. With that being the case, a meeting with Mitch Barnhart came shortly after, in which an agreement came together rather quickly for these facility upgrades along with a larger salary pool for the assistant coaches.

The athletic department is making a statement in proving they are all in on having a successful football program. With the coaches and the players in place, this should continue to be a special run in the coming seasons.