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Thursday Headlines: Liam Coen Watch Edition

The waiting game continues...

Liam Coen. Eli Cox. Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Liam Coen Watch is still ongoing.

The latest development? A tweet from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that Kentucky is “preparing for a very real possibility” of losing Coen to the Rams.

Now, this is not new information to anyone who has stayed at least partially in the loop over the last week or so. When the news came out that Rams OC Kevin O’Connell was leaving to take the Vikings head coaching job, the possibility that Rams HC Sean McVay might want to reunite with Coen was circulated quite a bit.

But as more people in the NFL seem to be talking about Coen rejoining the Rams, the concern that Kentucky could lose its game-changing offensive coordinator becomes a real possibility.

Of course, if you read what Fowler says, he mentions Coen has turned down multiple jobs to stay at Kentucky, so we can't totally rule out the possibility that Coen could opt to stay at Kentucky.

But it also seems like Coen has his sights set on one day being an NFL coach, and working for Sean McVay is one of the best paths to that destination right now, so it would be hard to criticize Coen for making the move.

But as a Kentucky fan, I hope Coen stays around. He’s a true game-changer with the offense he has brought to Lexington and has helped change the perception of Kentucky Football, particularly on the recruiting trail.

Losing Coen would be a massive loss, but it would be hard to criticize such a move if he decided to head back to L.A.

So we’ll continue to track the Coen-Rams rumor mill, and see what plays out.

Tweet of the Day

He’s climbing.


Other teams will try to follow Tennessee’s blueprint - Herald Leader

Learn. Evolve. Move Forward.

Kentucky will go as far as TyTy takes them - Cats Pause

Just a totally different team when he’s 100 percent.

Anthony Davis suffered a bad-looking ankle injury - Yahoo

No word yet on the severity but it looks pretty rough.

Karl-Anthony Towns continues to put up crazy numbers - KSR

We’re rooting for KAT in the 3-point contest.

It looks like Aaron Donald and Sean McVay are coming back - ESPN

It would be a surprise if either retired.

Jim Harbaugh gets new extension - Bleacher Report

A new 5-year deal for Michigan’s head coach.

Juan Soto apparently turned down a 13-year, $350M deal - CBS

That had to be difficult to say no to.