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Wan’Dale Robinson’s name is trending up for the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is scheduled to take place April 28th in Las Vegas.

Big Blue Drew

We are officially rounding our way into the “Mel Kiper and Todd McShay” cycle of the sports year.

With the NFL Draft scheduled to take place on April 28th in Las Vegas, you can count on a lot of chatter from analysts like Kiper and McShay between now and then.

A familiar name is trending upwards in the eyes of some influential draft experts, who are singing the praises of Kentucky Wildcats superstar Wan’Dale Robinson.

“He’s a slot receiver. He’s a jitterbug. He’s everything you think of in terms of a slot receiver. Look at the subtleness. It’s like some guys have that lateral shiftiness and then some guys have that big burst, acceleration. He’s got both of it.” McShay said in a recent episode of First Draft.

Robinson was able to show his versatility as an offensive weapon during his one-year stint in Lexington. He hauled in over 100 passes and eclipsed the 1300 yard mark. Despite only being around for a few months — the kid from Frankfort left a long-lasting impression on the program.

In my opinion what really separates Wan’Dale Robinson from the pack is his ability and willingness to take a hit.

Kentucky wasn’t shy about throwing it to him in limited space or sending him across the middle of the field knowing that he’d be taking licks from SEC defenders.

Robinson is special for so many reasons, and it won’t take an NFL mastermind to recognize that.

Most seem to think he’ll be a second day selection between rounds 3-5. But there’s still time for things to change. The next few months or workouts and the NFL Combine will go a long way in terms of his ultimate draft position.

No matter what I’d say it’s safe to bet on many members of the BBN drafting Wan’Dale Robinson in their Fantasy Football Drafts this fall.

I know I will be.