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Former NCAA Head of Officials was not a fan of the refs for UK - Florida

“Amateur night.” This was undoubtedly an embarrassing night for the officiating crew.

NCAA Basketball: Florida at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats rolled to a 78-57 victory over the Florida Gators on Saturday.

However, it was a tough night for the officials, as they missed a jump ball, a double dribble, didn’t call a foul on the play that injured TyTy Washington, and didn’t call a technical foul when Lance Ware was pushed in the back.

Former NCAA Coordinator of Basketball Officials John Adams was tuned into the game and took to Twitter to express his displeasure with the officiating crew that was on the call in Lexington.

His first comments were on the jump ball and double dribble when neither were called even after the officials met to discuss it.

Many fans were replying to Adams expressing their opinions on the play, and Adams didn’t hold back.

Later in the game, TyTy Washington went down with an injury after a Florida player fell into his leg diving for a loose ball. Adams didn’t believe the play was dirty, but he does think a foul should have been called.

Then came the moment that the Florida player pushed Lance Ware in the back and things could have got out of hand.

After a monitor review, a common foul was called on Ware and there was no technical foul called on Florida.

Once again, Adams was not a fan of the officials in this situation.

It wasn’t a good night for the officiating crew in Lexington, but the Cats were able to come away with the victory. On top of that, there have been some positive updates from Calipari on the status on Washington.