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College Basketball Roundup: Merry Christmas Edition

Deck the hall with lots of hooping

Florida A&M v Kentucky Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Greetings, BBN! Christmastime is here and college hoops is ready to take a weekend off and let players and coaches set sports aside to be with their families and celebrate.

This week has seen a flurry of action and upsets in the aftermath of the mega Saturday we had last week, including whittling us down to just a handful of unbeaten teams with Mississippi State getting knocked off by Drake two nights ago.

Let’s get to it:

This Week

Tom Izzo gets a tech while wearing a ridiculous ugly sweater

Oakland v Michigan State Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Hard to argue calls while dressed like that! Love it.

Duke loses to Wake Forest

Sure it was a road game to a good Wake team but hey whattya know big-and-tough Duke lost to Wake Forest! Steve Forbes’ first win over a ranked foe.

Iowa loses as 31.5 point favorite to 3-9 Eastern Illinois by eight

Now this was an upset! One of the biggest point-spread upsets in years, the Hawkeyes got way too overconfident with their eight-point halftime lead and laid an absolute Quad 4 egg at home. Huge blow for their NCAA Tournament resume heading into Big Ten play.

Kentucky beats Florida A&M, Louisville loses at home to Lipscomb

Kentucky won by 20 last night against the Rattlers to improve to 8-3, no surprise there. Louisville lost by eight at home to Lipscomb Tuesday to fall to 2-10, a bit of surprise, but honestly, not much there. Wow, they really might not eclipse 5 wins this season the way they’re playing.

This Weekend

Nothing! (Well, a little bit)

Christmas is always a bit weird with hoops. There are no games on Christmas Eve or the 26th, but on the 25th are the final games of the eight-team Diamond Head Classic in Hawaii, and also a strange DePaul vs. Creighton game on Fox at 4:30 between two 6-6 Big East teams trying to compete with the NFL, NBA, Christmas dinner, family gatherings, gift exchanges, sledding, you get the point. It’s very strange, but that’s what it is.

Fast Breaks

Total unbeaten teams remaining

Purdue, UConn, New Mexico: that’s it. Nobody else is unblemished at this point, and most seasons it’s about this 11-12 game mark the final three emerge. This isn’t rare at all, but for one of these three to reach February still unbeaten would make things really interesting.

Have a Merry Christmas BBN and a happy New Year!