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Kentucky currently has a top-5 transfer recruiting class

Great news for a program in the midst of a very important offseason.

UK Cheer Fan Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats football program may be coming off a lackluster season, but they’ve flipped the momentum switch with some excellent recruiting this offseason.

With the transfer portal now part of the everyday life of college football, not many programs have utilized talent better than the Cats over the last several seasons, and it’s starting to show with the current transfer haul.

According to 247 Sports, Kentucky currently has the No. 4 transfer recruiting class in the country, behind only Michigan, Florida State, and UCLA.

Currently, the Cats have six commitments from players that have entered the portal this offseason, with the two biggest decisions coming on Tuesday from quarterback Devin Leary and running back Ray Davis.

Kentucky’s secondary also got a much-needed boost last week with Ohio State defensive back Jantzen Dunn and Cincinnati cornerback JQ Hardaway picking the Cats.

And we can’t forget about the offensive line, which has landed Alabama guard Tanner Bowles and Northern Illinois tackle Marques Cox. There’s a very real chance that all six of these transfers earn starting assignments during the 2023 season.

It’s safe to say Kentucky’s staff is bought into this new era of college football, where the transfer portal is becoming as important as high school recruiting.

Of course, we can’t forget about what’s turning into a very nice high school class as well. While it may just have 15 commitments at the moment, seven of those recruits have a four-star rating with at least one recruiting service, so the quality is clearly there. And they’ll be adding several more players over the next 24 hours with the early signing period beginning Wednesday.

If this recruiting continues, it’s a safe bet that Kentucky will remain a formidable program for the foreseeable future.