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Oklahoma and Texas may have accelerated path to joining SEC

Nothing is set in stone, but the “climate is right.”

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC is going to eventually get the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners. The question now is just when the move for the two historic schools happens.

Although Big 12’s Grant of Rights expires on July 1, 2025, the two programs could leave early if it makes sense for both their future desires and the conference as a whole. Action Network’s Brett McMurphy wrote on how there are several factors that could help align the desires of all parties.

For starters, the Big Ten, which is the competitive conference with the SEC, will add UCLA and USC in 2024, and that goes with the College Football Playoff expansion which, the moving of the two schools, could help both the conference and individual programs there.

He also noted the Big 12’s move to add more teams and their new media deal as well. “‘There’s a lot of moving parts, but there is the desire on many fronts for this to get done,’ an industry source said,” McMurphy wrote.

What that means for the Kentucky Wildcats isn’t quite known, but it will add a few big-name, traditional programs that they will consistently see in both football and basketball — helping enhance the conference’s strength in both sports.