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John Calipari trying to improve Rupp Arena atmosphere

It needs it.

UK Fans Cheer Flag Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

After the Kentucky Wildcats cruised to a victory over Kentucky State on Thursday, John Calipari gave a statement that will be music to most fans’ ears.

He wants to improve the Rupp Arena atmosphere.

“We’ve gotta get Rupp Arena...This is kind of like a sacred place, Rupp Arena.”

With a comparison to the Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, being thrown out, seeing Rupp Arena get that wild would be a sight to see. And if you haven’t been watching the World Series this year… it is the place to be this postseason.

The atmosphere at Rupp has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. Although it sells out, and can get loud at times, walking into an atmosphere with a buzz is vastly different. For college basketball, it all starts with students, and according to Coach Cal he recognizes that.

Who knows what plans he could be working up, but it sounds like Rupp will be the place to be when he announces it.